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Author Archives: emmaharris

Comparing ourselves through a height chart.

For our module «Who we are» we measured the children so they could compare a physical difference between them. We talked about the different characteristics that we can have. We have been talking about the colour of our hair and eyes, if our hair is long or short, for example. So we measured the children … Continue reading »

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¡Lo estáis haciendo genial!

Buenos días, Tanto a la seño Isabel como a mí nos encanta recibir mensajes, fotos y vídeos vuestros. Os echamos muchísimo de menos y estamos seguras de que pronto estaremos de nuevo en clase todos juntos. Aquí tenéis un pequeño collage con las fotos que hemos recibido. Muchos besos de parte de la Seño Isabel … Continue reading »

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Our visit from two Architects.

Today we had two architects visit the class for our Construction workshop. They talked to the children about different materials used to make buildings and homes and how we can make them stronger. The children were very interested in this topic and asked lots of questions. The children discussed their own houses with the architects. … Continue reading »

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Matching emotions/Uniendo emociones

For our unit of enquiry «Who we are» and for the module workshop of «Emotions» we completed an activity where the children were given three flowers with the emotion faces of happy, sad and angry. The children were given some animals displaying different emotions on their faces and they had to match the animal emotion … Continue reading »

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Thinking about healthy living / Pensamos sobre la vida sana.

Today Mar, the nurse, came to the class and talked to the children about how we can make healthy choices which are good for our bodies. For example, the importance of getting lots of sleep, eating well, she also told them a story to help their understanding of the topic. The nurse played an interesting … Continue reading »

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