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Sensory English

Posted by on 06/08/2016

We learn English through our senses with our new table and other activities. We can use anything from magnets to marbles!!!!

IMG_0558 (480x640) IMG_0560 (800x600) (640x480) IMG_0570 (600x800) (480x640) IMG_0582 (640x480) IMG_0583 (800x600) (640x480) IMG_0596 (640x480) IMG_0597 (640x480) IMG_0604 (640x480) IMG_0606 (640x480) IMG_0607 (640x480) IMG_0607 (800x600) IMG_0608 (640x480) IMG_0609 (640x480) IMG_0656 (640x480) IMG_0657 (640x480) IMG_0663 (640x480) IMG_0665 (640x480) IMG_4391 (640x427) IMG_4397 (640x427) IMG_4422 (640x427) IMG_4423 (640x427) IMG_4426 (640x427) IMG_4428 (640x427) IMG_4435 (640x427)

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